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How does it work?

In a draft, players select a variety of countries that earn points based on how often they are mentioned in the news!

Players can use the FANgeopolitics resources to read up on current events and trends before the draft to better their chances of drafting the best countries.

Follow along with draft activity, make trades, and learn your way to victory with FANgeopolitics!

Using FANgeopolitics in Your Classroom

  • Discuss and write about current events happening in players’ countries.

  • Draft countries from certain continents to encourage geographic awareness.

  • Debate U.S. foreign policy solutions in different countries around the world.

  • Pick up WWI or Cold War countries to examine historical legacies in those places.

  • Play low-score wins to analyze countries outside the mainstream media.

  • Utilize foreign language news to add a twist to instruction.

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