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Students love learning about diverse cultures and societies with FANgeopolitics! Students draft different countries and earn points based on how often their countries are mentioned in the news. Trading countries and seeing how they stack up against their classmates creates a fun, competitive atmosphere that enables students to get excited about studying current events, reading the news, and learning about the world.Learn More

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What's happening in the US and why does it matter? FANpolitics engages students with the events happening in their own back yard! Students draft states and earn points based how often these states are mentioned in the news. Use manual point adjustments to come up with your fun scoring metric or award points for class discussions, assignments, or participation! FANpolitics turns students into engaged citizens.Learn More

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Election Challenge

Our FANschool Election Challenge helps to get students excited about the United States election process! By choosing whether states will vote Democrat or Republican in a March Madness, round-style challenge, students learn valuable lessons about the electoral college, the US political arena, and the importance of voting. Are you itching to try out a FANschool game? Start with our FREE Election Challenge!Learn More

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FANschool Olympic Challenge

The FANschool Olympic Challenge helps maximize learning during the Olympic games! By predicting which countries will score the most news and earn the most medals in a series of rounds, players will interact with geography and learn valuable lessons about the world. Are you excited to try out a FANschool game? Start with our FREE Olympic Challenge!Learn More

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FANschool In Your Classroom.

FANschool is designed to be empowering and flexible so teachers don’t have to download anything, can use it however they want, and incorporate any other learning content they want. Check out a few of the ways teachers have been using FANschool in their classrooms!

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Global Citizens

A World Geography teacher created a new draft every 2-3 weeks to help students become more familiar with current events and geopolitics in each new unit they studied.

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US Election

An AP Government teacher used the FANschool Election Challenge as a way to engage students in the 2016 election and teach them about how the complicated US voting system works.

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Future Journalists

A Media Studies and Journalism teacher uses it in her course to examine global news coverage, bias, and reasons why some countries are featured more than others in the news.

I loved using it in an after-school club. Students even came in before school and during lunch to check scores and I started a Pinterest board to have them share news articles for extra game points!

Using Fantasy Geopolitics as the focus of a seminar class I designed really helped students engage with global citizen standards. It was a much more efficient way to engage students and make them aware of what was happening in the world.

The map that shows the daily points for each country is an awesome discussion starter. Also, the draft was SO easy to use! It hooks the kids who are sometimes the least likely to want to be involved. Surprising what competition does :)

It engaged students who weren’t usually that engaged. I saw kids coming in before school and checking the scoring maps and really talking about what was happening and why countries were trending.

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FANschool is a Game With Standards!

Our learning platform is designed by teachers and technologists for Common Core’s Reading: Informational Text standards and can easily be utilized for Writing + Speaking and Listening strands as students begin to summarize, analyze, discuss, and debate current events and school content.

The Social Studies games fit perfectly with these state standards, as well as the National Council for the Social Studies standards, especially as students develop civic and global competence through play. Stop making them achieve it and startmotivating them to!

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